Assisting Sailors in Need

Pirates and sailors are a notoriously diverse lot who’ve roamed the seas and antagonized oppressors for as long as there’s been wind and waves. And the duty to rescue persons in distress at sea is a fundamental rule of sailors the world round.
Our diversity and inclusion bounties are intended to buoy…

• Developers from countries considered to be emerging economies.
• Developers from any under-represented group within the game industry.
• Developers from challenging social-economic backgrounds.
• Rebels, iconoclasts, would-be legends, and diverse thinkers, livers and doers.

Pirate Jam seeks to provide a lifeline to those who float upon the world’s oceans in rough seas or without a fair wind. Thanks to the kind support of our Patrons and Sponsors, our fleet may be able to help with travel, on-board costs, and event stipends for select attendees.

Regardless of where you’re coming from, our organizers are available to answer questions you may have regarding travel, visas, shoreside accommodation, and preparation for this unique journey.

Patrons and Sponsors
Join the ranks of Kings and Queens who long ago sponsored adventures to chart the globe.
Pirate Jam strives to allocate half of our sponsorship treasure to Assisting Sailors in Need.

Send us a Sponsor Inquiry to learn more about lending assistance.